What Can't Lavender Do!?!?

Posted by Natalie Jurado on

Lavender Uses

If you’re new to essential oils, most essential oil vendors will recommend that you immediately buy an expensive kit filled with several different essential oils.  This can be such an overwhelming process that many people never wind up using the oils at all!  That’s why I recommend starting off with just 1 oil and learning everything you can about that oil, integrating it in to your life and then moving on to another oil. 

So what’s the best oil for a beginner to start with?  Lavender! 

How to use Lavender Oil

Lavender is by far the safest and most versatile oil.  It has so many uses from lessening stress to stopping an itch from bug bites.  Here are just a few great ways to integrate lavender oil into your life:

  • Lavender’s unique properties promote rapid healing and reduce scarring making it a wonder for minor scrapes, cuts and acne
  • Lavender’s oil balancing powers help clear blemishes, even skin tone and hydrate skin
  • The sweet, floral scent has long been used to calm, relax and uplift the spirits
  • Historically, lavender has been used to treat headaches, cramps and pain in the joints and muscles
  • Lavender works well for alleviating symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and coughs
  • Lavender works phenomenally at taking the sting out of burns and bug bites

As with all essential oils, there are a few precautions to take when using Lavender.  Do not use this oil if you have low blood pressure as it will lower it even further.  Also, avoid Lavender during the 1st & 2nd trimesters of pregnancy.

So how can you start using Lavender essential oil in your life?

  • Diffuse lavender in the evenings to help your family wind down
  • Help your hyper dog calm down by swiping a small amount of lavender on his collar
  • Place a couple of drops on a tissue and tuck in to your pillowcase at night to help battle insomnia
  • Mix a few drops with your favorite facial lotion to help treat problem skin

When choosing a Lavender oil, make sure that it is steam distilled from the flowers and stalks of the plant.  Lavender is commonly grown in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe, though it’s most famously found in France. 

At Nu Natural, we carry only pure, undiluted Lavender oil sourced from high altitudes in France.  Lavender from high altitudes tends to produce improved oils because they are distilled at lower temperatures.  The aroma is floral, fresh and sweet and not the least bit nauseating or overpowering like many other lavender providers on the market.